End-Time Dominion System by Apostle Joshua Selman

End-Time Dominion System by Apostle Joshua Selman: Are you trusting God for healing?Lay your hands upon the afflicted area or on your chest as a point of contact and connect with us in faith. For anyone suffering from any terminal disease or illness; in the name of Jesus, I curse the spirits behind these afflictions now! Organ failure of any sort, come back to life now, in the name of Jesus!

I decree and declare, kidney problems, be healed!Liver problems, be healed! Blood conditions, be cleansed!Prostrate cancer, be healed! Leukaemia, be healed now, in the name of Jesus!

We reverse stage 3 and 4 cancer in the name of Jesus! Every pain and discomfort, let it give way now, in the name of Jesus!

Let the restorer restore all that you’ve lost, in the name of Jesus!We declare, so shall it be to the glory of God!

Prayer: Mention one area of your life in which you’re trusting God to come through for you and release your faith as you pray._As you have declared before the Lord, may it be turned into a speedy answer, in the name of Jesus!

Prophetic words are powerful and should not be trivialised.The Spirit of God hovers over a prophetic word as The Spirit of Wisdom, bringing together the human actors needed to bring that prophetic word to pass.The Holy Spirit has the unique ministry of confirming the spoken Word of God in the lives of believers.

In this season, may my God distinguish your life, in the name of Jesus!_May your life serve as an example to many that The Spirit of God can birth the purposes of God in the life of an individual.

The culmination of this journey (the passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ, called faith), is to know Jesus, be like Him and to manifest the glory of God.

God is on a journey with every believer, and no matter how long the journey seems, the end always leads to glory._If you do not know what this journey is all about, you’ll become very weary along the way.The knowledge of God gives you the power to stay and continue on the journey of faith.

The glory of God is the holistic capture of everything that makes God who He is and can be revealed to the saints. His wisdom, grace and anointing all culminate in His glory. (Romans 8:18)

There is a measure of God’s glory assigned to every believer, that they should reveal in their lifetime.

As a believer, every time you pray, fast, give, serve diligently in the house of God, or pray while others sleep, you are sowing a seed and will reap the reward in due time.Every activity we do, as far as being in the house of God is concerned, is likened to sowing. The soil is either the spirit or the flesh. You can sow to either of the two.

Believers who sow to the flesh are programming seasons of limitations.Sowing seeds in the spirit is like a farmer; every farmer endures to the end. Different plants yield after varying durations. Your role is to be patient.

As believers, we are not given the knowledge of the day of visitation, but we are mandated to be faithful even when the results we seek have not yet manifested in our lives.It is dangerous for you to miss your day of visitation.

One of the assignments of The Holy Spirit, as it pertains to the ministry of The Word, is to breathe upon a believer’s faculties, regardless of their degree of enlightenment and education. The Holy Spirit then grants the Minister of God utterance, which is the ability to make everyone see and understand what is being taught.

In partnership with The Holy Spirit, the responsibility of every Minister of God is to provide superior, quality seeds (truths from The Word of God) so that believers can sow and reap great rewards._Pray: Grant us the grace to receive The Word (quality seed) by faith, to sow and reap great rewards.

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