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Who Touched Me? (Destiny-Defining Encounters) by Apostle Joshua Selman

SERMON TITLE: Who Touched Me? (Destiny-Defining Encounters)Anchor Scripture: Luke 8:41-48 (KJV). WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO TOUCH? (1). To touch means to come in contact with. (2). To touch means to connect to. (3). To touch means to produce feelings of affection and empathy.

Men can touch God in a way that radically alters and transforms the course of their destinies for good.Ordinary men (humans) can have a destiny-defining and life-altering encounter when they touch God. Scripture records several men or women who had encounters with God, in various regards that birthed transformation in their lives.For example; Paul the Apostle, Jacob, Abraham, Isaiah, David, Solomon, The Apostles, Thomas, Peter, etc. “Who touched me?” Jesus asked. When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.” Luke 8:45 (NIV). Many Believers pray without an encounter, they lack the light and illumination that emanates from the Scriptures.Just because many Believers are involved in ministry or spirituality, does not mean they’re touching God. Spiritual activities in themselves do not equate to an encounter with God.

There are many Believers with evident concurrent activities, but they lack the corresponding actions that attest to a transformed destiny. There are clear, unmistakable evidences, when men touch God. How to know a man has truly touched God: (1). The first proof that a man has truly touched God is reverence and honour for God. The revelation of the true state of your heart leading to reverence for God is an evidence that you’ve had an encounter with God. (Luke 8:47, Isaiah 6:1-8)When men touch God, it alters the state of their hearts. It is impossible to encounter God and remain the same, the version that met God will be different from the version that leaves His presence.

If you genuinely encounter the God of The Bible, you will love His presence more than reputation, ministry, or titles. What happens when men meet God is a level of brokenness; they die to themselves. Psalm 51:17 (KJV). Your service to God is meaningless, until the state of your heart is pure. When you truly encounter the God of the Bible, there is a form of pruning that must happen to you. An encounter with God must bring you to a point where you are purified like gold, because your service to Him is meaningless until the state of your heart is pure. The unmistakable evidence when men touch God is: (2). Superior, proof-producing wisdom. (Proverbs 9:10) According to Scripture, every wisdom that does not proceed from the fear of The Lord is a corrupted wisdom that leads to pride and self-righteousness. When a man has touched God, there will be a display of wisdom beyond his age. (3). Liberty (Luke 8:43-48, Matthew 11:28-30)You know men that have touched God because they go to Him with burdens and walk away freely. When men touch God, everything that is not of God and by God must give way. God can touch men, but men can also touch God! Presence creates effects, if it’s true that you’ve truly touched and had an encounter with Him, your situations must change, evidently! God’s presence creates effects. If you have genuinely touched God, there must be an effect of the touch in your life.

Unmistakable evidence of an encounter with God: (4). Genuine Power: You receive from God an unction that first transforms your life and then from you, transforms the nations. (Luke 8:46) If you have an encounter with the God of the Bible, it results in genuine, authentic power that transforms. Taking the Nations of the earth goes beyond having zeal, you must contend for power that only comes when you have genuinely touched God. To receive from God, you do not remain quiet and expect an encounter, you make demands and cry out to His hearing. Like the story of blind Bartimaeus in Scriptures. Your hunger is a seed for an encounter with God. The true function of power is influencing changes in lives, compelling power and changing anomalies! Pray: Lord, let Your power be evident in my life. I’m tired of powerlessness. Unmistakable evidence of an encounter with God: 5. Peace (Luke 8:48, John 14:27, Philippians 4:7) When men touch God, they encounter peace. You must learn to have the peace of God. If you do not have peace, you can die of worry and sleeplessness.

Do not let the challenges that life throws at you to get the best of you.Learn to find peace in the midst of storms. You’ll get through it.

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