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Complete Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System in PHP MySQL

For web hosting and domain name affiliates, Area and Web Facilitating Invoicing Framework Task in PHP MySQL with Source Code Free. Download is a client the executives and invoicing arrangement. It has a ton of elements that will assist you with mechanizing your ordinary schedules and set aside time and cash.

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Online Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System Features

These are the following features of Online Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System Project:

  • Domain Registration through Resellerclub
  • DirectAdmin Integration
  • New Domain and Account admin pages
  • Namecheap Integration
  • DomainsCoza Integration
  • Plesk Integration
  • Import of existing accounts
  • import of existing domains
  • client currency setting
  • an option to select a domain search API to use
  • a Custom CMS with Pages, Menus, Blocks and Sliders
  • a login as client feature
  • a login to server button
  • pricing table options per category
  • Mollie payment gateway
  • Payfast payment gateway
  • Instamojo payment gateway
  • Razorpay payment gateway
  • a front-end theme
  • GST Tax for orders setting
  • Tax Per item option
  • Add Funds/Refund as Credit
  • Manual/Automatic Payment of new invoices with available account funds
  • Automatic Updates setting
  • Automatic Bug Fixes setting
  • Automatic Database Backup setting
  • Plugin System
  • Knowledgebase
  • F.A.Q
  • Page specific Meta Title & Description
  • ISPConfig Integration
  • Centos Web Panel Integration
  • Cyberpanel Integration
  • Interworx Integration
  • Hexonet Registrar Integration
  • InternetBS Registrar Integration
  • aamarPay Gateway Integration
  • Namesilo Registrar Integration
  • Synergy Wholesale Registrar Integration
  • Discount Feature
  • Addons Feature
  • Variable Domain Registration Period (Years)
  • Biennially & Triennially Renewals
  • Import Clients CSV from WHMCS
  • Import Domains CSV from WHMCS
  • Import Accounts CSV from WHMCS
  • and Many More..

Server Requirements

These are the following server requirements of Online Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System:

  • PHP >= 7.0.0
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • GMP Extension
  • BCrypt Extension
  • Local Server XAMPPWAMP or any Apache with PHP and MySQL server.
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled
  • CURL Enabled
  • CRON

Quick installation

  • Extract the file to htdocs folder in XAMPP or www folder in WAMP or Upload it as ZIP file if installing to your Online Server using FTP and remember to Extract it to a folder on your Live Server.
  • Open your favourite MySQL Administration tool e.g PHPMyAdmin and create a database.
  • Open your favorite browser and type in the address where you want to run Hosting Billing
  • Enter your MySQL host, Database Name, MySQL Username and Password and follow the installation steps and enter your purchase code in step 3
  • Login using your admin details
  • If you can’t access the login page or get an error “No file input selected” check your .htaccess file and that Mod_Rewrite is enabled.

Login Access

Login Details as below :

Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin

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