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British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba invite candidates in latest PNP results

Three of Canada’s provinces have invited candidates to apply for provincial nomination.

The Candidates are as well invited to apply under Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) when provincial governments believe that they will surely integrate into the economy easily and support the local labour force by filling urgent gaps in the in-demand sectors.

The provinces select their candidates especially from the federal Express Entry pool of applications (a process called enhanced nomination) or from those who apply directly to the provincial government (base nomination).

Provincial immigration results October 6-12

British Columbia

October 11, The British Columbia invited more than 190 candidates in the most recent BC PNP draw.

The largest draw invited 118 candidates employed in tech occupations. They required a minimum score of 90 to be considered.

The excess three draw results are as per the following. Up-and-comers in every occupation required a base score of 60.

Youth teachers and partners: 45
Medical care experts: 17
Other need occupations: under five


held four draws on October 5 welcoming 542 possibility to apply for designation.

Two of the draws were for up-and-comers in the Gifted Specialists in Manitoba class. The first was an occupation-explicit draw for 219 applicants utilized in callings that fell under Public Word related Order (NOC) 2021 significant gatherings

72 – Specialized exchanges and transportation officials and regulators
73 – General exchanges
75 – Assistants and workers and other vehicle drivers, administrators and workers
Up-and-comers required a base score of 610 to be thought of.


Alberta held a little draw on October 10 welcoming 13 up-and-comers from the Devoted Medical care Pathway with Alberta bid for employment stream of the Alberta Benefit Migration Program. All competitors under this stream are likewise Express Passage up-and-comers with a base Exhaustive Positioning Framework (CRS) score of 327.

Alberta detailed an assignment of 1,462 designations for competitors under this stream for 2023 and shows that there are under 10 applications presently in the line. It likewise says around 1,383 distributions remain.

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