Laurel Otohan Olu-Egbor – The Lead Actress In Prophet Sudden (Miokukusheshe)


The entertainers job as Miokukusheshe (the president of armies of recognizable spirits) was a noteworthy one without a doubt.The powerful film was released on May 29, 2023, Monday.

The movie makes it clear what happens when you take shortcuts.

Otohan Olu Egbor played Miokukusheshe, a familier soul who tomented her casualty Michael.The actress gave a stellar performance in Prophet Suddenly a Winlos production, and she has received numerous awards and praise for it.

Naturally, the actress will undoubtedly get a big break from this.

We are pleased to provide you with some information and sneak peeks regarding the talented actress. Here we go, her genuine name is Otohan Olu Egbor.

The actress, who was born on May 23, is said to be from Benin and currently resides in Benin, Nigeria.The talented actress is also a music and word minister at the Votage Church, which is led by her parents in the Lord, according to information gathered by Exousia Media from various sources; The Winlos’ Ohis and Anwili OjeikereThe actress can sing very well and is a true minister.

She has led many people in prayer, worship, and Bible study.The skilled entertainer sees Ohis and Anwili Ojeikere (The Winlos) as her educators, coaches, guide and good examples. In the Lord, she refers to the couple as her parents.

Because he spiritually fathers her mentors, the actress also considers Apostle Arome Osayi to be her spiritual grandpa.The outstanding actress holds a Masters degree.

As indicated by sources she moved on from the College of Benin Nigeria. The actress has appeared in a number of the winlos’ skits.

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