Koinonia October 2023 Miracle Service

KOINONIA October Miracle Service with Apostle Joshua Selman. If you have an understanding of the kind of spiritual investment that goes into every service, especially the Miracle Service, you’d have faith for what God has in store for you. In the name of Jesus, whatever needs to happen tonight, for your story to change, may my God make it happen in this service!

Many believers do not consistently see the faithfulness of God in their lives, because they have not made it a revelation to give thanks.

Thankfulness and gratitude are proof of humility. (Psalm 107:4-9)_Many Believers do not lay it to heart to be thankful. They do not intentionally give thanks for what God has done, while anticipating what He is yet to do.

Many people do not receive continuous help because they downplay the help of God and the individuals He sends in the form of destiny helpers.

As a principle, never take God and men for granted.One of the greatest ways to invest in relationships is to be grateful. If you cannot contribute value, be lavishly and continuously grateful.

Some doors would open and remain open for you and your children if you practise gratitude. It is impossible to ignore a grateful person.You fuel relationships by being grateful.

Lift your voice in prayer and express your gratitude to God. Let Him know you are thankful for life, health, and the many blessings you remember. (Proverbs 3:5-7)

When you come before God’s presence, refuse to be a spectator, be intentional, make a demand for what you desire, and let your heart be receptive.

Two important factors responsible for commanding unending and ever-increasing results in the life of a Believer:

  1. The state of your heart – i.e. your motive. (Psalm 119:2,10, Matthew 5:8, Psalm 20:4

Most believers do not pay attention to the state of their hearts (their motives) and have not learned the factors that God looks out for.

When you come to God to receive, as much as He is merciful, He is also principled. What moves God is His Word, not emotions.

God has chosen to subject Himself to His Word and there are certain things heaven wants to see (your motives), as far as a Believer’s walk is concerned.

To have a purified heart means ensuring that you see Jesus revealed and glorified, beyond building an empire or wanting to make a name for yourself.John 1:6-7 (KJV)

There is no limit to what you can see God do in your life when your heart is pure. Matthew 5:8 says the pure in heart will “see God”. This is a limitless outcome because it means the pure in heart will see God in various situations and events peculiar to them.

The greatest determinant for the manifestation of God’s hand at work in any life is the state of the heart (motive).As much as your mouth prays to God, your heart also prays, communicating its motive.

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