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Canadian workers expected to receive pay increase in 2024

According to a survey conducted by financial management consulting firm Normandin Beaudry, workers across canada are expected to see a wage increase of 3.6%, on average, in 2024.

Surveying more than 700 companies across Canada, the Ontario-based firm noted several findings of value for employed Canadians, some of which allude to a positive future and some revelations that suggest salary freezes could be on the horizon as well.

What follows will recap the results of the survey and provide a definite look into what this means for Canadians, with a particular focus on potential impacts for newcomers to Canada.

All over the planet, we depend on cash obtained through work to carry on with agreeable lives.

For clear reasons, then, an expansion in normal compensation across Canada is a positive improvement for all occupants of this country.

This is particularly valid for novices to Canada, who may at times require more cash than laid out Canadians to help accommodate their families and lay out an agreeable personal satisfaction in another country. Thusly, assuming the projections from this Normandin Beaudry study sound valid, novices to Canada will benefit significantly from the typical compensation builds that are projected to come one year from now.

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