There should be no secret between husband and wife – Dr Becky Eneche


— Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche

This is quite easy. Don’t have secrets from each other. There are women that don’t know anything about their husbands.There are husbands that don’t know anything about their wives. This is quite a dangerous situation. But, women, let me beg you, if your husband discloses things to you, let him not hear it from your brother’s mouth or from your sister’s mouth or from your colleague in the office.

Many women take things their husbands tell them in confidence and they use it as a point for conversation. That is a betrayal of trust and the confidence that your husband should repose on you. Don’t keep secrets from each other. Men, you know something? My husband and I don’t have passwords on our phones.

I can pick his phone and he can pick my phone because we don’t have anything to hide. But what are you picking your husband’s phone for anyway? What are you looking for? The text message you sent to him, it’s in your own copy of your phone.

If you want to review what you said, check your phone, you will see it. Every other information there is his information, personal information. Mind your business. Just to keep yourself away from anything.

Don’t invade a person’s privacy, if he wants to show you something, he can show you. But, bottom line is don’t keep secrets from each other.

I see God changing your marriage in Jesus name.



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