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Redefining the great commission by Apostle Joshua Selman : What Is The Great Commission?The Great Commission is a mandate given by Jesus, to His disciples and by extension all believers,

Three Foundational Scriptures that Capture The Great Commission:

  1. Mark 16:15-20
  2. Matthew 28:18

What Is The Great Commission?The Great Commission is a mandate given by Jesus, to His disciples and by extension all believers, to reach the entire globe with the gospel of salvation, to bring nations to the knowledge of the truth through discipleship and to consequently bring territorial and societal transformation.

Mark 16:15 (KJV) And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature._The word “go ye” implies the need for action. The location being “all the world”. In the mind of God, everywhere on earth qualifies to be called a mission field. The instruction is to preach. The content is The gospel.However, Jesus left the strategy for this mission to the creativity of the times.

A believer must walk with The Lord of the harvest to deploy every scriptural strategy, effectively, to the end that all souls be saved. World evangelisation is every believer’s mandate. The standard of Believers’ reward will be according to their passion and drive, as far as fulfilling the great commission is concerned._Part of the responsibility of every believer in Christ is to become an active contributor towards the great harvest. Every possibility in God, made available to the believer, are tools for executing the great commission. _Power and influence is not given by God, in isolation to the great commission. In soul winning, numbers matter. Our lives must be spent using every scriptural mechanism to win souls for Jesus Christ.

The purpose of soul winning is to see that the message (the gospel of Jesus Christ) gets to the lost. In God’s Kingdom, you are a labourer to the degree to which you are participating in the great harvest. Three Components Of The Great Commission:_2. Discipleship (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 2:42) Discipleship means the mentorship of Believers to attain maturity and stature through doctrine.It involves helping Believers understand the principles of God’s Kingdom through the teaching ministry.

The end result of discipleship is transformation and maturity. Discipleship is a major reason for the physical convergence of believers.

As far as the purposes of God are concerned, the church is a place where Believers are mentored to become effective witnesses and agents of transformation. God leads people to the church to be mentored and taught for a variety of reasons, among which includes the faithfulness and preparedness of the teaching Priest. Learning the ways of God is a process that takes time.

Poor or unbalanced mentorship is a major cause of the decline in the quality of Believers in today’s world.

The level of mentorship or discipleship a believer receives is demonstrated by certain criteria, such as knowledge of The Word of God and a commitment to prayer.

The great commission is a battle for the hearts and the minds of mankind. The gospel deals with the heart while discipleship deals with the mind of an individual. Most believers back down when faced with challenges, because they have not received a balanced understanding from mentorship._Discipleship is the only hope for the maturity of a believer. The mandate given by Jesus Christ requires proper discipleship, in order to raise a great army for a bountiful harvest.

Ephesians 4:11-13 (KJV)The fivefold ministry in its entirety is God’s strategy designed for the execution of the great harvest. It is very easy to destroy the sheep when the shepherd is out of balance. _Your response to life is a testament of the degree of your transformation.

The greatest gift you can give a man of God is submission to be transformed by the truths that proceed from him to you. Mentorship is the key to stature and transformation. The greatest way to say “yes” to Jesus is not to say it verbally; it is to be adequately prepared to be used by Him. Mentorship evolves you from your current state to who God has destined you to become.When God grants you access to men who have paid the price to be trained and mentored, respect that atmosphere.

Three Components Of The Great Commission:

3. Territorial or Societal transformation.

Societal transformation means that the gospel, as designed by Jesus, is penetrated into society, thereby bringing an end to every form of decadence.

When your life and ministry begin to have an impact on society, you begin to attract the attention of great people from that society. It is at this point that individuals become likened to nations.

Proof of Territorial/Societal Transformation:

1. Impact on the moral fabric of society.

2. Impact on the quality of lives of the people within that territory. (John 10:10, Matthew 14:16-17)

The holistic nature of the gospel demands that it encompass a man’s spirit, soul, and body. The gospel isn’t only about knowing God, it also emphasizes the benefits of knowing, serving and loving God. Despite the fact that we do not know God just for what He can do for us or what He can offer to us, there are consolations associated with knowing God.

Benefits of Knowing God (Psalm 103:1-5)

1. Salvation

2. Healing

3. Deliverance and preservation

4. Honour

5. Renewal of life/ Provision of blessings.

Everybody is a fanatic in their area of calling. However, we need to create a balance in The Body of Christ; otherwise, our imbalance will destroy us.False teaching is worse than false prophecies. While false prophecies can be corrected by accurate knowledge, false teachings are deep rooted in the mindsets and lifestyles of the individuals under such teachings.In correcting these, we must correct the truth in love, void of pride. (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Proof of Territorial/Societal Transformation:

1. Impact on the moral fabric of society.

2. Impact on the quality of lives of the people within that territory.(John 10:10, Matthew 14:16-17)

3. Advancement in all spheres of society. (Genesis 41:37-57)


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