Prophet Sudden Movie Featuring Apostle Arome Osayi

-The Winlos New Movie Featuring Apostle Arome Osayi is Set to Release Ending of the Month of May 2023

The relationship and marriage coaches Ohis Ojeikere and his wife, Anwinli, known as The Winlos, prepares their new movie with the titled “Prophet Sudden” featuring Apostle Arome Osayi.

According to the Winlos, the film was a huge burden that was received from God. But they left the movie for a long time because they didn’t know who would take the role of the prophet until last year when God gave them (The Winlos) an instruction and told them the role should be taken by Arome Osayi.

The movie is about exposing the works of the darkness in the prophetic area and in this era. According to Ohis he said; “The reason the movie connects to The Apostle Arome is because he has had a burden for the prophetic ministry and also exposing witchcraft.”

Ohis Ojeikere was invited by Arome to speak at his church Remnant Christian Network to make the announcement of the film said;

“After i received the instruction to bring Apostle Arome to the film, it took me four months to summon the courage, because i have not seen him act before.

“Finally our movie, Prophet Sudden featuring apostlearome will be out this month. Premiere + Release. Watch out,” The Winlos said.




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