Navigating Prophetic Seasons 2 (God’s Prophetic Agenda) with Apostle Joshua Selman

Navigating prophetic seasons 2 (God’s Prophetic Agenda) with Apostle Joshua Selman.

Drawing from scripture and eschatology (the study of end times), we are aware of a sequence of prophetic seasons that should unfold simultaneously as the world approaches its end:

  1. Spiritual and moral decline.

2.Political and social issues, such as wars and rumors of wars.

  1. Economic and atmospheric events, such as occurrences related to nature in unsettling ways.

When it has to do with spiritual events, a believer must possess keen spiritual eyes and ears. (1 Chronicles 12:32, Revelation 3:22)

Three Major Layers in the Study of Scripture.

  1. Archaeological/Historical layer
  2. Doctrinal layer, which involves spiritual synergy and doesn’t demand creativity.
  3. The Prophetic layer of Scripture.

Theologically speaking, for anything to be called a doctrine, the body of truth in question must pass the following litmus tests:

Test of a valid Doctrine

  1. must be found in the Old Testament
  2. It must be captured in the life of Jesus.
  3. It must also be evident and practiced in the lives of the early Apostles.

Three Levels of The Anointing

  1. The anointing within, that helps you to manifest the character of Christ, which is given to every believer.
  2. The anointing that comes upon you, when you discover your place in God’s prophetic agenda. It is for the purpose of service.
  3. The engracing that comes upon you, enabling discernment and alignment with God’s program.

Four Major Prophetic Activities Representing God’s Current Focus

  1. The Purifying of The Church, i.e., judgment in the house of God (1 Peter 4:17, Daniel 5:27, Ephesians 5:13-14).
  2. Enlightenment: an abundance of revelation. (Acts 20:28-32, Colossians 4:12)
  3. Access to greater and unusual Dimensions of Spiritual Power (Joel 2:23-24).
  4. Divine Commissioning: Heavenly callings, mandates, and assignments given to men. (John 15:16, Matthew 10:16)

This is an awakening unto repentance. Here, God’s idea of judgment is purification unto greater glory, not condemnation and destruction.God judges men by bringing Words that prune them to become more effective. (John 15:2-3).

Three (3) major areas from which the church is being purified

  1. Moral decadence
  2. apostasy (deviation from the truth).
  3. Error (due to ignorance and imbalance).

Four Segments of God’s Enlightenment

  1. Restoration to Doctrine (1 Timothy 4:13-16)
  2. Correction of the error of imbalance. (Acts 18:24-25)
  3. Connection of revelation to Divine Purpose.
  4. Redefinition of concepts such as:
    i. The Gospel.
    ii. The Great Commission.
    iii. Revival.
    iv. A Witness.

Purpose” answers the question “why.” If you cannot answer the question “why,” anything you have will not profit you.Revelation connected to purpose sustains the ability to minimize pride.

Individual revelations are not meant to stand in isolation; rather, they should be interconnected, in order to guide the believer holistically.

God is subjecting believers to intense spiritual exercises to expand their ability to receive from Him, due to the new wine that will be poured upon The Body of Christ (Matthew 9:16-17). Amidst the crushing (painful spiritual exercises and sacrifices), God is cultivating strength within you, to enhance your capacity to access the new wine.

The anointing is God’s ability and engracing upon believers, granting them the capability to produce extraordinary results.God is raising men with supernatural abilities; an anointing will rest upon them in the coming prophetic season, setting them apart.

The implication of divine commissioning requires a significant level of wisdom, not just zeal. There will be great commissionings, and there will also be strange commissionings. Additionally, there will be an upgrade of pre-existing assignments. God is raising mighty men in this generation who will not be ignored due to their capacity in the Kingdom.Dear Minister, your portion of grace is still waiting for you. The anointing meant for you is still seeking you!God is birthing a generation of young people with an abundance of grace. God is raising women who will speak the purposes of God with uncanny accuracy.Receive it now, in the name of Jesus!

There is always more to your calling than you initially see or hear. This is why you must keep your calling open-ended. Your faithfulness is what will qualify you and unveil other parts.Every time you reject God’s mandate or waste His time, realize that there is a life, nation, or territory suffering.

God loves you, but in His program, no one is indispensable. Your disobedience, which indefinitely delays God’s plan, affects the lives of those connected to your mandate.God is merciful, but His program requires urgency.

Three (3) ministries of people to discern and watch out for

  1. The ministry of the woman at the well, having lived a troubled life in the past. We should be careful not to judge such people.
  2. The ministry of the madman of Gadara. Take note that someone who was once considered mentally ill may have been healed and assigned to a mandate.
  3. The ministry of Mary of Magdala, whom Jesus cast out seven demons (Luke 8:1-2).

If you haven’t discovered your assignment in God’s Kingdom yet, sow the seed of interceding and serving others who have found their places, until you find yours.

Respect your assignment, no matter how small you perceive it. Not everyone will have a global ministry.Everything holds relevance in the kingdom concerning its contribution to the salvation of people, the maturation of believers, and the advancement of God’s program.

As a believer, it is crucial to prepare and position yourself to partake of the grace, in readiness for the new wine.By all means, contend for grace. Don’t allow the new wine meet you unprepared.

Destiny demands discipline, not feelings.The culmination of all debates is results, and this is what we must pray for and achieve.

God’s counsel is eternal but His methods change. The will of man can create strategies for the program of God.

Soon, there will be a divide between people who are serious about God and those who are not.“’There is more’ is the language of champions.”

Pray: Lord, I desire You, to see Your power and glory. Help me find mercy in Your sight; there is more that needs to be done.

Pray: Grant me the grace to not remember the things of old. Rid me of complacency and pride and empower me to access higher dimensions in the Kingdom, in the name of Jesus!

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