KSOM Practicum 2023 (Light and Salt) with Apostle Joshua Selman

KSOM Practicum 2023 (Light and Salt) with Apostle Joshua Selman: The Word of God is light and liberation. Join us for the word, as we bask in the light of God’s Word. Remain expectant as light floods your life, tonight. “Ye are the light of the world.” This is a statement of identity. As light, your jurisdiction is on the earth. What is Light? Light is illumination and revelation. It is what causes things that are hidden to become manifest. Light brings clarity and understanding to diverse aspects of life. What is Salt? Salt is the substance that gives taste and preserves. “Let” signifies the act of legitimization, indicating that God necessitates the alignment of your will for the manifestation of your inner light.

It is your individual light that must shine, distinct from the light of God. All lights hold significance in the eyes of God. The radiance you emit is pivotal to others, as you are obliged to showcase it, enabling others to see it. As Christians, we bear the responsibility of illuminating any place we find ourselves in. Because you are light in God’s grand design, you are not created to struggle or be invisible. Through God’s design, we naturally radiate before others, thereby allowing His name to be exalted. As light, we must embody the quality of intensity, and as salt, we must possess the quality of flavour. Light and salt are the weapons that Christ intended to be used, to influence these seven mountains. As labourers in God’s kingdom, we are called to exert dominion over the seven mountains, thereby exerting our influence for the glory of God.

Seven (7) Mountains of Influence

1. The Mountain of Family

2. The Mountain of Education

3. The Mountain of Art & Entertainment

4. The Mountain of Media

5. The Mountain of Politics

6. The Mountain of Economy and Finance

7. The Mountain of Religion.

There is no mountain that is empty. It would take Lights and Salts in human form, for us to become what the Lord intends.You do not have too little to be able to serve God. Your little jar of oil can go a long way to bless millions, if you submit it to God.

Light can be:

(i) Present but not effective.

(ii) Present but with little effect.

(iii) Present and be highly effective.You can be light and salt wherever you are. Pray: Lord, grant us the grace and ability to become light and salt! What is Value?Value can be defined as the measure of our usefulness. It is the degree to which people perceive our usefulness and relevance.

What is Transformation?

Transformation means to change levels, usually from a lower level to a higher level. It is the journey or process of becoming like Christ.

Ways to achieve Transformation and Value:

1. Through the agency of The Word of God and in partnership with The Holy Spirit.

2. By adopting a methodical approach. _Follow and learn from individuals who have diligently pursued and attained transformation.

Notes on Transformation:

1. We must acknowledge the need for transformation.

2. Our transformation and value determines our intensity of impact, across the seven mountains.

3. What you are looking for is also looking for you, but it will only come to your transformed state.

There is a generation that is hungry for the light we carry. Our place of usefulness as believers is in the world and not under the bushel. As powerful as God is, He is at the mercy of our transformation and at the mercy of we allowing Him find expression through our lives. God has invested so much in everyone of us, so that we can become an extension of His plans and desires for mankind.

Three (3) Categories of Men:

1. Men who possesses true light. (John 1:9)

2. Men with corrupted light.

3. Men in absentia of light.

Prayer Points: 1. Father, give me light that changes everything.2. Lord, illuminate me with Your light.

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