Greater Works part 1 with Apostle Joshua Selman

Greater Works part one by Apostle Joshua Selman | KOINONIA Abuja. 3rd of September 2023.

Consecration to God is two-fold:

1. Abstinence from (certain things)

2. Devotion unto (Him)

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God desires a manifestation of His power and glory upon the Earth once more, before Jesus returns. It’s crucial to understand that the same authority bestowed upon Jesus has been passed on to the Church.

Three Reasons to believe in the concept of “Greater Works” from Scriptures:

  • Jesus Himself said so. (Numbers 23:19).
  • The believer has been given authority through Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20, Luke 10:19, Ephesians 2:6).
  • Every believer has access to The Spirit of God, on account of the finished work of Christ. (Acts 1:8, 10:38).

It is widely acknowledged that Jesus performed numerous miracles. Yet, Jesus Himself emphasized that believers would accomplish even greater works.When Jesus spoke of “greater,” He indeed meant “greater.” However, our comprehension of “greater” should be scrutinized in the context of Scripture.

In spite of the many miracles Jesus performed while on earth, there was one miracle which was the greatest need of man that He could not perform before His death on the cross._The one miracle He could not perform was “Greater Works” (representing the gift of Eternal life). This miracle demanded death. He couldn’t give anyone eternal life. (Colossians 1:12-14, 19-20, Ephesians 1:7, Hebrews 4:16, 9:22)By “Greater Works”, Jesus meant you will be empowered in partnership with the Holy Spirit to bear witness to the truth.

The ultimate goal for “Greater Works” is that the knowledge of the glory of God fills the entire earth, attracting multitudes to Jesus. (Habakkuk 2:14). No single believer can fully reveal the entirety of God’s glory. One believer might reveal His favour, while another showcases His healing power to the nations.

Why Greater Works?

The ultimate goal for “Greater Works” is that the knowledge and the glory of God fills the entire earth, thereby drawing many to Jesus. (Habakkuk 2:14, Isaiah 40:5). The Glory of God is multifaceted._The Glory of God consists of everything that makes Him God (His love, mercy, power, favour, faithfulness, etc). No one believer can reveal the entirety of His Glory.

The revelation of God’s glory extends beyond the pulpit.We have been acquainted with the God who sends people. It’s now time to know the individuals sent by God. The revelation of God’s glory extends beyond the pulpit.We have been acquainted with the God who sends people. It’s now time to know the individuals sent by God.

We are in an era where revealing the fullness of God’s glory is crucial to solidify people’s faith without room for doubt, as belief won’t come easily (John 20:31).

Greater works will result in greater convictions. Greater convictions will bring about greater salvation in all ramifications. And with greater salvation, there will be a greater acknowledgment of Christ in the world of men. (Daniel 3:28-29).

Forces that must be engaged for every believer desiring to activate Greater Works:

  1. The Force of Prayer (2 Chronicles 7:14)_Every agenda or program of God is birthed and managed through the weapon and tool of prayer.

The prophetic assignment, when executed accurately, involves discerning the blueprint of God’s plan through fervent prayer.The true assignment of a Prophet goes beyond just prophesying. The prophetic goes hand-in-glove with intercession. Whenever you witness something succeeding in the earthly realm, according to God’s satisfaction and purpose, prayer ushered it.

To impact nations, you must begin by transforming your own Jerusalem, starting with your life and family.There are certain things God desires that can only happen through the power of prayer. Many pray but few understand the assignment and dimensions of prayer. A person of prayer with understanding, is a person of power in their generation. Prayer requires stamina. Even in the absence of results, keep praying. You won’t pray for one day and receive the results of ten years; prayer is an investment.

Praying in the spirit, solves many challenges simultaneously. It edifies your spirit man while dealing with the current challenge.There are layers in the spirit realm that only prayer can unveil.

It’s possible to pray amiss. As a believer, prayer should be accompanied by clear understanding (James 4:3).Make prayer a habitual practice, not just an emergency response.Being a person of prayer often means you won’t need specific prayer points.Just because you said “Amen” and stayed long in prayer doesn’t equate to effective prayer; effective prayer must be Word-compliant (effectual) and fervent. (James 5:16B). Your first response to any prompting in the realm of the spirit should be prayer. Prayer filters all revelations; driving out anything that is inconsistent with The Word of God.


Choose one day during the week, dedicate two to three hours and pray for your personal requests and the program of God into your life. Gather your family members and unite in agreement as you carry out this assignment. No matter how sure you are, never take a step that is not filtered through in the place of prayer. It can save you ten years of misery.

Prayer is never convenient. You must discipline yourself and learn to build a system of consistency that enhances your prayer life, to become a person of prayer. (James 5:18, Ecclesiastes 10:10, 11:3)_Prayer is an investment; it requires stamina. (Luke 18:1)_One strategy that can enhance your prayer life is an atmosphere of worship.

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