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Copyright Video Breaker

This is a simple step of breaking copyright of a video and using someone else’s content as your content for monetization on Facebook, youtube or any video sharing platforms.

the exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material.

When you upload someone content or video online, you will be notify for copyright infringement or your video will be taken down.

  • Use a copyright video breaker website to Download videos from any platform and also break the copyright, making it to be free for use as your own content. After using this website to Download and break the copyright in it. Trim the first 5sec of the video and the last 5sec of the video.
  • You can also break copyright video by using FAIR USE. Fair Use can be gotten by properly editing someone videos and adding more value to it to become your own content. This can be done using any Video editing software.

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