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NECO 2023 Result Is Finally Out

The National Examination Council (NECO) 2023 Results are finally out.

Alot of students who participated in this exam has been patiently waiting for the release of these results. And finnaly the NECO 2023 results has been released. Student with awaiting results can go to check their results. Good luck and Congratulations to every Nigeria Student or any international student who participated in this Exam.

Why NECO 2023 Result was delayed before releasing it.

NECO has deeply acknowledged that there were certain challenges that led to the delay in releasing the results.

While apologizing for the delay, NECO has assured all candidates who participated in the examination that 98% of the SSCE results are ready and will be made available soon.

How to Check NECO 2023/2024 Results

  1. Visit the NECO result checking portal at
  2. Enter your Examination Year, which is 2023.
  3. Select the Examination Type as SSCE Internal (Jun/July).
  4. Input your token number in the required column.
  5. Provide your registration number.
  6. Click the “Check My Result” button and wait for the results window to display your results.

How to Check NECO Result 2023 via SMS

If you prefer to check your NECO result through SMS, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Messaging App: On your mobile phone, open your messaging application. This is typically labelled as “Messages” or “SMS.”
  2. Compose a New Message: Tap the option to compose a new message.
  3. Enter the Required Information: In the message body, you will need to provide the following details accurately:
    • Type: Type “NECO.”
    • Exam Year: Enter the year, which is “2023.”
    • Pin Number: Input your NECO result checking PIN number.
    • Examination Number: Provide your examination number.
    For example, your SMS should look like this: NECO*4250101001*123456789012*2007
  4. Send the Message: After entering all the required details, send the message to the official NECO result checking SMS number. This number may vary, so it’s essential to confirm the official NECO SMS result checking number for the year 2023.
  5. Receive Your Result: Shortly after sending the message, you will receive a response containing your SSCE 2023 result. The result will be sent as a text message to your mobile phone.
  6. Save or Print Your Result: To keep a record of your result, you can save the text message or print it out for future reference.

Please note that there may be some little charges associated with sending SMS, depending on your mobile service provider.

Ensure you have enough credit or SMS balance to cover the cost.

Additionally, it’s crucial to double-check the accuracy of the information you provide in the SMS to avoid any errors in receiving your result.

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