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How to See Who Watched Your Reels on Facebook & How Useful Are Facebook Insights?

Reels have been taking over the two most popular and major social media platforms which are Facebook and Instagram. Considering the fact that some reels can cross a million views, some users are getting curious if there’s a way to find out who watched their content.

Can you see who watched your reels on Facebook?

The answer is still very much arguable. As of now, the social media giant offers no actual feature that can help you find out such information, just like you cannot see who viewed your Facebook video.


There’s no way you can see who watched your Facebook reel. However, with the help of insights, you can track the number of people engaging with your content at intervals.

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There are third-party application you can try for that, or you can use FB’s built-in insights to get an estimate. If you’re using the official FB app, you can access the analytics report with the help of insight

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